Floral Company Requires Ground to Dock Access

Floral Company Requires Ground to Dock Access


MGS Floral uses carts to move their flowers from and to delivery vehicles at their warehouse in Norwich. Their existing building only had dock level access, and this meant they were required to move all of their product by hand. They approached Nation Ramps for a solution that would allow them to use their existing push carts to move the flowers in and out of their building. The challenge was the requirement for a grade that allowed carts to be pushed with human power. They were also concerned with the small wheels having difficulty transitioning over the ramp and into their building. MGS Floral was on a tight budget and needed a solution that was affordable.

The ideal ramp was a used PLD18K-34×77-50A portable loading dock coming off rental in Montreal. This ramp featured a solid steel transition plate allowing for the small wheels of the carts to easily move on and off the ramp without getting stuck. The PLD18K also has a 7.5’ platform to ensure a level surface entering and exiting the warehouse. With a 26.5’ ramp the grade allowed for the easy pushing of flower filled carts in and out of their building without risk to safety of their staff. With the unit being located in Montreal, Nation Ramps was able to offer quick delivery. Once on site the one-piece unit was easily off-loaded and placed for immediate use. The only adjustments for installation were removal of the dock bumpers, and minor adjustment to accommodate for the un-level ground and dock height. The PLD18K is rated at 18,000 lbs capacity and can easily handle the requirements of MGS Floral. As their needs change the ramp can also accommodate a 5,000 lbs forklift or be re-purposed to be used as a standalone loading dock. Along with our over engineered steel structure design, our ramps include 12” safety rails, ensuring that their push carts and pedestrian traffic are safe at all times.

Our Solution:


Ramp Length 34 Feet
Platform Length 7.5 Feet
Ramp Width 77 Inches
Ramp Usable Width 72 Inches
Ramp Capacity 18,000LBS (GVW)
Ramp Height – Adjustable 41″ to 60″
12” Safety Rub Rails


The Nation Ramps PLD18K-34×77-50A was the answer. Our one-piece portable loading dock with 18,000 lb weight capacity, 6’5” wide ramp and flexibility to adjust height from 41” to 60”. Designed to be versatile enough to accommodate hand powered push carts and added flexibility for forklifts if needs change. With our large fleet of rental ramps, we were able to meet the budget of MGS Floral and provide a North American made ramp for the same price as the off-shore options.

Nation Ramps products are designed for durability with high quality North American steel. Built to survive the rigors of unforgiving, non-stop use as well as the harsh Canadian winters. Chosen by MGS Floral because we were capable of meeting their budget, Canadian made in Winnipeg, Manitoba and offer honest professional service.

Nation Ramps has earned a solid reputation from working with clients like MGS Floral throughout the United States and Canada. Delivering quality engineered ground to dock, portable loading dock, equipment loading and custom solutions that meet our clients’ demands to improve efficiency; saving time and money.

Thank you, MGS Floral, for the opportunity to work with you on this project.  We look forward to working with you again to help meet your portable loading ramp / dock needs!

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Our Nation Ramps Equipment Loading Dock Ramps are designed with the user in mind. Our clients have the freedom to select one of five product models, (Ground to Dock | Equipment Loading | Portable Loading DockMobile Yard RampStandalone Platform) or customized ramps based on their unique project needs.  Our clients benefit from the piece of mind that comes with selecting a ramp that will best help them to mitigate the challenges that often arise on site, saving time and money on all projects.

Choosing a Nation Ramps Portable Ramp provides our clients with multiple and ongoing opportunities to save time and money including:

– An in house loading dock on hand to load / unload freight as needed

– Eliminates having to over handle freight with more than one piece of equipment (including a hand pallet and a forklift)

– Lower labour costs for not having to double handle freight

– The highest level of safety standards available – invaluable peace of mind for clients and their teams

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