Stoneway Roofing Supply

Stoneway Roofing Supply

Stoneway Roofing Supply has been in operation since 1924. Contractors and homeowners throughout Western Washington have relied on them for superior roofing products and related building materials. Stoneway Roofing Supply offers roofing materials and accessories from a wide array of manufacturers from asphalt composition shingles and metal roofing to wood shakes and slate..

Their existing distribution facility in Tacoma, Washington needed ground to dock access. They wanted to add the ability for their heavy duty forklifts to access their yard space for loading and unloading roofing materials. They wanted to add a ramp to a 14’ dock grade doorway to create improved access and better utilize their yard space. Together with Stoneway Roofing Supply, Nation Ramps designed a two section, 30,000 lbs (GVW) ground to dock ramp with a custom 34 foot length that met all of their demands to win the contract. Once the contract was awarded the ramp needed to be designed, manufactured, delivered and installed to their Tacoma, Washington location.

The solution was a Nation Ramps heavy duty 14-foot wide, two section ground to dock ramp that incorporated added 34-foot length to create a reduced grade. Having worked with many construction supply and materials handling businesses, we understood the required deliverables.

Prior to beginning the manufacturing process, our engineering team produced drawings for discussion and approval. Once the management team and staff were satisfied and signed off on the design, we engineered, manufactured, delivered and installed the heavy duty ramp in their Tacoma, Washington location within an 8 week delivery window.

Our Solution:


Ramp Model GTD30k-34×168-48s
Ramp Length: 34 feet
Ramp Width: 168 inches
Ramp Useable Width: 163 inches
Ramp Height: Adjustable 47″ to 50″
12″ Safety Rub Rails
Structure: made of steel
Surface: finished with durathane industrial paint
Capacity: 30,000 lbs

For Stoneway Roofing Supply, a Nation Ramps custom two-section ground to dock ramp, combined 34-foot length for reduced grade was the answer to fulfill all of their operational requirements. With 30,000 lbs. weight capacity and 14-feet wide, engineered for Stoneway Roofing Supply, able to handle the wear and tear of continual traffic of heavy duty forklifts entering and leaving the distribution center, offering years of service, while still looking like the day it was installed.

Our Nation Ramps team, including our talented engineering and production staff, worked closely together with the Stoneway Roofing Supply management team. Designing for durability and with high quality steel; manufacturing a solution that made their service facility more efficient. Chosen by Stoneway Roofing Supply because Nation Ramps was capable of meeting their custom requirements, short delivery window and budget.

Nation Ramps has earned a solid reputation from working with clients like Stoneway Roofing Supply throughout the United States and Canada. Delivering quality engineered ground to dock ramps, portable loading docks, equipment loading ramps, stand alone platforms and custom solutions that meet our clients’ demands to improve efficiency; saving time and money.

Thank you, Stoneway Roofing Supply, for the opportunity to work with you on this project.  We look forward to working with you again to help meet your portable loading ramp / dock needs!

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Our Nation Ramps Equipment Loading Dock Ramps are designed with the user in mind. Our clients have the freedom to select one of five product models, (Ground to Dock | Equipment Loading | Portable Loading DockMobile Yard RampStandalone Platform) or customized ramps based on their unique project needs.  Our clients benefit from the piece of mind that comes with selecting a ramp that will best help them to mitigate the challenges that often arise on site, saving time and money on all projects.

Choosing a Nation Ramps Portable Ramp provides our clients with multiple and ongoing opportunities to save time and money including:

– An in house loading dock on hand to load / unload freight as needed

– Eliminates having to over handle freight with more than one piece of equipment (including a hand pallet and a forklift)

– Lower labour costs for not having to double handle freight

– The highest level of safety standards available – invaluable peace of mind for clients and their teams

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