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Hensel Phelps is a nationwide company providing home & commercial construction and renovation services. Hensel Phelps was contracted for renovations at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The project included renovations of the critical hospital loading area. For the duration of the renovations they were required to set up temporary loading dock facilities in an adjacent parking lot. Due to a hospital being an essential service, requiring 24/7 operation, safety was a concern. Hensel Phelps approached Nation Ramps for a solution that could be safely and quickly installed on-site. Due to the weight and size of our ramps as well as the lack of on-site equipment, Hensel Phelps also required our crane off-load and placement service.

Nation Ramps was able to provide a rental to Hensel Phelps for the duration of their project. The unit selected was perfect for this project as it was a one-piece design and had a simple installation. With easy setup and positioning, you have a portable loading dock anywhere you need it. When the renovation completed, Nation Ramps arranged the crane service and was there again to remove the ramp and meet all of the safety requirements of the job site.

Our Solution:

Ramp Length 26.5 Feet
Platform Length 7.5 Feet
Ramp Width 102 Inches
Ramp Usable Width 97 Inches
Ramp Capacity 22,000LBS (GVW)
Ramp Height – Adjustable 41″ to 60″
12” Safety Rub Rails

The Nation Ramps PLD22k-34×102-50A was the answer. Our equipment loading ramp with 22,000 lb weight capacity and 8.5’ wide ramp offers the flexibility to adjust height from 41” to 60”. Designed to be versatile enough to meet the high traffic and safety requirements of a hospital environment.

Our ramps are not only durable, but also designed to look good in any environment. Without the need for permits, the Nation Ramps PLD22k unit was shipped and installed within two weeks. Our rental option was the perfect fit, especially considering the need to meet the hospital safety requirements and the rigorous criteria to be a Hensel Phelps subcontractor.

Our rental program offers all of the the capabilities of a Nation Ramps solution with none of the capital investment. Rent for one week or twelve months… we have flexible programs to meet any of your requirements. Designed for durability with high quality North American steel. Built to survive the rigors of unforgiving and non-stop use. Chosen by Hensel Phelps because we were capable of meeting their short delivery window, budget and safety criteria on a rental program.

Nation Ramps has earned a solid reputation from working with clients like Hensel Phelps throughout the United States and Canada. Delivering quality engineered ground to dock, portable loading dock, equipment loading and custom solutions that meet our clients’ demands to improve efficiency; saving time and money.

Thank you, Hensel Phelps, for the opportunity to work with you on this project.  We look forward to working with you again to help meet your portable loading ramp / dock needs!

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Our Nation Ramps Equipment Loading Dock Ramps are designed with the user in mind. Our clients have the freedom to select one of five product models, (Ground to Dock | Equipment Loading | Portable Loading DockMobile Yard RampStandalone Platform) or customized ramps based on their unique project needs.  Our clients benefit from the piece of mind that comes with selecting a ramp that will best help them to mitigate the challenges that often arise on site, saving time and money on all projects.

Choosing a Nation Ramps Portable Ramp provides our clients with multiple and ongoing opportunities to save time and money including:

– An in house loading dock on hand to load / unload freight as needed

– Eliminates having to over handle freight with more than one piece of equipment (including a hand pallet and a forklift)

– Lower labour costs for not having to double handle freight

– The highest level of safety standards available – invaluable peace of mind for clients and their teams

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